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From the back cover:

If you start pursuing your goals today, what's the best that can happen?

Think about your life ten years from today.  Do you feel inspired...or terrified?

Founder of the social movement "Hello, Fears," Michelle Poler challenged herself to spend 100 days feeling her fears and doing new things anyway--being brave instead of fearless.  Since then, she's been inspiring people of all ages (all around the world!) to embrace the parts of their journey that terrify them, from new jobs to body waxes to falling in love. Now it's your turn!

Use this daily journal to break free of fear without needing to be fearless.  Take on 100 challenges that will crush your comfort zone and help you build a life of exciting growth, like:

  • Changing up your routine!  What if you tried a new lunch spot or reached out to a new friend? Plan something different and document your results.
  • Examining what your checklist of life milestones looks like. Will the accomplishments and goals on your list actually contribute to your happiness?
  • FAILING! Do something you're not good at and fail, and ask yourself why you failed and what you learned.

Written in Michelle's hilarious, sparkling voice that invites ambitious self-reflection, The Hello, Fears Challenge will help you identify your fears, practice saying yes to opportunities, and grow into the brave, authentic person you're meant to be!

Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: 12-01-2021
Pages: 272
Dimensions|Weight: 8.3 in H | 5.5 in W | 0.7 in T | 0.8 lb
Format: Paperback
EAN: 9781728234441
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