Stop reading to escape. Start reading to heal.

"When I speak of healing, I am referring to...a natural movement towards wholeness....It is a direction, not a destination; a line on a map, not a dot."

-Dr. Gabor Maté

Do any of these sound like you?

You pick up a popular and entertaining book as an escape from the stress of daily life. But once you lift your head out of that book, your stressors return to haunt you:

  • You struggle with low energy, brain fog, chronic pain, and inflammation. You’ve minimized your life to cope.
  • You neglect yourself and say ‘yes’ to everything and everyone but yourself. You’re run down and resentful at the world.
  •  Your relationship with yourself is harsh, critical, and judgmental. Fear, anxiety, and self-sabotage are a constant part of your lived experience.
  • Your relationship with others is strained and tense. You’ve shut yourself down emotionally just to make things work with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • You reject the perspectives of those you don’t know or understand, and hold your individual lived experience as truth.

"... healing [is not] synonymous with self-improvement. Closer to the mark would be to say it is self-retrieval."

-Dr. Gabor Maté

 Imagine what life will be like when:

  • You prioritize your self-care to better serve yourself and others. You set healthy boundaries and experience gratitude and joy.
  • You meet yourself and your challenges with curiosity and compassion. Your relationship with yourself improves.
  • You meet others with the same curiosity and compassion that you offer yourself. Your relationship with others improves.
  • You make conscious and intentional life choices that promote optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. You experience more energy, less pain and suffering.
  • You learn to validate your own lived experience while respecting and appreciating the lived experience of others.

Introducing BEV & HER BOOKS®:

BEV & HER BOOKS® is an independent bookseller with a passion for nonfiction adult books that inspire self-care, self-reflection, perspective taking, and health consciousness.  Our mission is to use books to promote healing in communities, one person at a time, one bookshelf at a time.

All of the titles at  BEV & HER BOOKS®are hand-selected to inspire:

  1. Self-Care – we can only serve others well if we take care of ourselves first.
  2. Self-Reflection – when we become curious about, rather than critical of, ourselves, we can embrace self-compassion. We can then extend compassion to others.
  3. Perspective-Taking- when we explore the lived experiences of others, we gain new perspectives on our lives, the lives of others, and the world.
  4.  Health-Consciousness – when we make intentional choices that promote optimal health for ourselves and our planet, the whole world wins.

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More about BEV & HER BOOKS®:

Our online-only bookstore:

We are a new and growing online-only bookstore in the process of building our inventory. We select books for our store with great care and consideration. New inventory is added sporadically. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on TikTok and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest titles as they become available in our store.

In May 2023, we partnered with Bookshop.org to bring a pre-order option to our customers for titles that we anticipate bringing into our online store. Click here to learn more about pre-orders.

Our partnership with Bookshop.org also allows us to expand our offerings beyond our nonfiction only titles to include bestselling fiction, children's books--even puzzles and games. To shop our expanded offerings, click here.

Also in May 2023, we partnered with Libro.fm to give our customers the option to purchase our curated selection of titles in audiobook format. Click here to shop our audibook selections, or select audiobook format from the options available on select product pages.

All orders placed through our partner websites support BEV & HER BOOKS® and indie bookstores throughout the US. If you order products through our partner websites, we may receive a small commission.

Our books & book bundles:

We offer books as single titles and as healing-themed, ready-made and custom-curated bundles of 3-4 complementary titles. All of our single titles and bundles are hand-picked--no algorithms are used in our selection process. Our on-site inventory is small, but we have access to a vast inventory of titles through our distribution partners.

Our Customers:

We sell New and Used books online to consumers throughout the 48 contiguous United States. We sell locally to small retailers, boutiques, and healing practitioners in the Philadelphia area.

Wholesale pricing is available to retailers and healing practitioners wishing to purchase books and book bundles for resale. New and Used titles are available. Fill out our Contact Us form to learn more about our wholesale offerings.

ProLiteracy Partnership:

In October of 2022, we initiated a partnership with ProLiteracy, "the largest adult literacy and basic education organization in the nation." Ten percent of the purchase price of every book and book bundle that we sell will be donated to ProLiteracy.

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