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Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self-Healing from the Living World by Asia Suler

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From the back cover:

In a series of 12 lyrical nature essays, herbalist, writer, and Earth-intuitive Asia Suler illuminates the healing power of the living Earth--and gives us each permission to nurture self-compassion and empathy as forces for personal and ecological healing.

Amidst unprecedented ecological devastation, it's easy to feel hopeless and disconnected. It's easier, still, to forget our inherent goodness or to discount the power of our inborn empathy. For those of us who are highly sensitive people, innately attuned to the workings of the natural world, it can be hard to embrace the belief that we're enough as we are--and that this awareness can heal the Earth.

Drawing lessons from the healing processes that nature itself embodies, Suler reminds us that our goodness, our empathy, our intuitive connections, and our capacity for self-compassion are more than antidotes to despair; they are, in fact, our most potent vehicles for planetary transformation. And as we learn to more deeply nurture and accept ourselves, we unlock our living, healing connections to the Earth.

Combining poetic nature writing with exercises and reflection prompts at the end of each essay, Mirrors in the Earth coaxes us to come as we are:  to discover and tend the inherent brilliance and medicine that lives in each of us.

Asia Suler is an herbalist, nature writer, spiritual educator, ecological philosopher, social media figure, and entrepreneur. As a teacher in the realms of herbalism and Earth spirituality, she has taught for the most well-known herbal programs in the country, including the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, the Northwest School of Botanical Medicine, and The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. She has guided more than 10,000 people through her various online programs.

Author Residence: Marshall, NC
Author Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 6-28-22
Pages: 320
Dimensions|Weight: in H | 6 in W | 0.8 in T | 0.7 lb
Format: Paperback

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