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From the Publisher:

Hope Rising is a clarion call to apply the science of hope in daily lives and overcome the trauma, adversity, and struggles everyone must face.

Learn to overcome trauma, adversity, and struggle by unleashing the science of hope in your daily life with this inspiring and informative guide.

Hope is much more than wishful thinking. Science tells us that it is the most predictive indicator of well-being in a person’s life. Hope is measurable. It is malleable. And it changes lives. In Hope Rising, Casey Gwinn and Chan Hellman reveal the latest science of hope using nearly 2,000 published studies, including their own research. Based on their findings, they make an impassioned call for hope to be the focus not only of our personal lives, but of public policy for education, business, social services, and every part of society.

Hope Rising provides a roadmap to measure hope in your life. It teaches you to assess what may have robbed you of hope, and then provides strategies to let your hope flourish once again. The authors challenge every reader to be honest about their own struggles and end the cycle of shame and blame related to trauma, illness, and abuse. These are important first steps toward increasing your Hope score—and thriving because of it.

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date:11-27-2018
Pages: 288
Dimensions|Weight: .65 in H | 6.1 in W | 9.2in W | 1lb
Format: Paperback
EAN: 9781683509653
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