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From the back cover:

A year of observation and reflection.

Of snapshots, soundbites, and tiny stories.

Of koans, riddles, and magic tricks.

Of meditations and revelations.

A year of haiku.

Artist, writer, designer, and musician Jeff Mellin shares his year-long project to chronicle, in both words and images, the micro-moments of day-to-day life raising his three young boys.

"In a sense, writing the year of haiku was like taking photographs without a camera. I learned to see these haiku moments around me, wherever I was, because I told myself I had to. It wasn't so much finding beauty or meaning in everyday things, but knowing I could find beautiful or meaningful things everyday.

Publication Date:1-20-2020
Pages: 226
Dimensions|Weight: .48 in H | 4in W | 7in W | .37lb
Format: Paperback
EAN: 9781794721197
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